Management & Team

Isabel Antholz

Managing Director

Mrs. Antholz, a German Attorney-at-Law, is the Managing Director of Mannin GmbH. In her role, she is responsible for Mannin’s German operations as well as EU market.

Prior to her role at Mannin GmbH, Isabel was the lead of Deloitte Germany’s service line for Global Investment & Innovation Incentives. Isabel advised clients (including Mannin) in all areas of tax and R&D incentive funding, which is a key revenue source for Mannin.

Dr. Peter Sennhenn

Lead Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Peter Sennhenn is the Lead Medicinal Chemist at Mannin GmbH and holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Peter is an experienced medicinal chemist and drug hunter adding 25 years of drug discovery experience from leading positions in big pharma and biotech industry world wide. He has a proven track record of processing small molecules from hit to lead to the clinic within different target families and therapeutic areas.

Fanny Schömann

Office Manager

Fanny Schoemann is the Office Manager for Mannin GmbH. In this role she is responsible for the day to day operational tasks including preparation of the monthly accounting, organisiation of meetings with business partners and the team in Canada, as well as assisting the Managing Director and Lead Medicinal Chemist with a variety of tasks.

Prior to working for Mannin GmbH, Fanny has worked for 18 years in various banks in Germany, the UK and Singapore, before joining a small start-up company in Leipzig.

Dr. Stefan Saretz

Dr. Stefan Saretz is a Chemistry Scientist at Mannin and holds a PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Leipzig.

After completing his doctorate in the field of oncology, Stefan first turned to antibacterial and antiviral research and then joined the groups of Mirko Buchholz at the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology and Mark Brönstrup at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in the areas of hit to lead and lead optimization. He is now bringing his broad experience to Mannin,to develop synthesis pathways for bioactive small molecules.

Dr. Steffi Kruba Stephen

Dr. Steffi Kruba Stephen obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Leibniz University Hannover and wrote her dissertation on the synthesis of antibacterial conjugates at the Department of Chemical Biology at LUH. Prior to that she completed her master's in Chemistry at the National Institute of Science Education and Research in India, with a focus on catalysis by ruthenium complexes.

At Mannin Steffi uses her accumulated knowledge in a group of Chemistry Scientists and is responsible for the development of synthetic routes for bioactive small molecules and performing organic chemical transformations.

Dr. Ondřej Štěpánek

Dr. Ondřej Štěpánek received his PhD in organic chemistry at Charles University in Prague and worked during his post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery, Baltimore, USA in neurodegenerative diseases, with the focus on SAR studies. With this experience he returned to Charles University in Prague as a lecturer working on novel self-immolative phosphorus-based linkers in the group of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Delivery.

Ondrej is now bringing his expertise and service to Mannin as Chemistry Scientist contributing to the design of biological active compounds and the prioritization of target compounds.

Dr. Panyapon Sudkaow

Dr. Panyapon Sudkaow completed his Ph.D. at the University of Cologne with the focus on N-heterocyclic carbenes: Aromatic Breslow Intermediates, multi-step synthesis of novel NHC Catalysts and its applications in organocatalysis. After finishing his Ph.D., he gained experience especially in organic synthesis of pharmaceutical drug candidates, custom synthesis, and synthetic methodologies.

Working at Mannin as a Chemistry Scientist, he contributes his knowledge, experience, and skills to not only synthesis and development of novel biologically active small molecules, but also exploration and extension of their bioactivity.

Manuel Sauer

Manuel Sauer studied chemistry at the Technische Universität Dresden with the focus on organic chemistry. As a PhD candidate he is working at the inorganic chemistry department in the field of ligand synthesis and complexation behavior. His work focused on the preparation of imine-based ligands and their application in the complexation of metal cations.

As a Chemistry Scientist at Mannin, Manuel brings along his synthetic skills for the development and presentation of small bioactive molecules and the execution of organic chemical transformations.